In 2012, Batlagundu plant had been installed in Batlagundu, Dindigul District (Tamil Nadu) with the production capacity of 0.9 lakh Litres per day, which can produce Various kind of Milk & Milk products. The dairy units have been established in a very good milk procurement belt of Tamil Nadu, where the Milk procurement potential is in abundance with good quality of milk. To encourage the farmer, company have been providing various Animal Husbandry inputs like Cattle feed, Artificial insemination and Veterinary support to our Milk producers (Farmers).


Dodla Dairy Limited K.c. Dairy Products Kunnuvarayankottai Village,,7d,484/1a,1b,1c, Kunnuvarnkottai Village, Nilakottai Taluk, Dindigul Dist, Tamilnadu- 624222