Dodla Dairy collects 1.17 Million litres of raw milk per day as of 31 March 2022 from about 121,214 farmers across 8,110 villages through 7,837 DDCCs, 467 procurement routes, 273 dairy farms and 110 chilling centres as of 31 March 2022 across South India. The company is procuring high-quality milk by establishing automatic milk collection centres.

Dodla has created cold chain facilities from producer to consumer to ensure the freshness of the milk at all stages. The company has a team of veterinary supporting staff to educate the farmers on animal healthcare and clean milk production.

Stringent Quality Checks

We are committed towards quality and food safety of our products. Our determination towards quality and food safety is demonstrated by well-defined quality and food safety procedures at various stages from procurement to distribution of our products. We maintain a cold storage chain from the procurement stage till the time the milk and dairy based VAPs reach the consumer. All quality checks are documented in a quality manual to ensure that we only procure raw milk which meets our standards for further processing. Our VLCCs are equipped with GPRS enabled electronic milk analysers which test for the fat and solid not fat (SNF) content of the raw milk. We also conduct tests including for colour and smell which enables us to segregate poor quality of raw milk at our VLCCs. At our chilling centres we conduct adulteration tests and neutralizer tests. At our processing plants, the raw milk undergoes, adulteration tests and neutralizer tests to detect contaminants in the raw milk. Quality and food safety forms a part of our policy which we believe is one of the main drivers of our business. We have well defined documented quality system which is monitored at various stages of procurement and processing. Our processing plants at Nellore, Palamaner, Penemuru, Badvel and Dharmapuri are ISO 22000:2018 certified for food management system. Our Nellore and Palamner processing plants are ISO 50001:2011 certified for energy management system. Our Nellore processing plant is export inspection certified and BIS certified for SMP. Our products have received certifications from FSSAI. Our processing plant at Hyderabad has received a FSSC V 4 certification and has received food safety system certification 22000. Additionally, our processing plants situated at Nellore and Hyderabad, for producing ghee, are AGMARK registered. our processing plant situated at Hyderabad is equipped with FT-1 Milko-scanner which allows us to conduct 26 adulterant related tests in milk automatically.