Dodla Dairy is among the most admired dairy companies in India. The work environment in the organization keeps the employees loving their roles. Recognition for good performance and timely rewards are assured.

Employees are motivated to display the organizational values while dealing with the stakeholders. This is the reason for the ethical success of the organization.

The culture of the organization is being built since the last 18 years by the efforts of all stakeholders and employees. Currently, we have 2100 employees on-board.

Some interesting facts
about the work environment

Employee supportive work culture in terms of personal and professional relationship.

Adherence to systems and procedures.

Open communication.

Respect for Employees’ ideas and suggestions.

Respect for values and ethics.

Internal growth opportunities.

Opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process.

Opportunity for learning the latest technology and share the experiences of seniors.

Recognition and reward for hard and smart work.

Job rotation.

Dodla Dairy has a combination of senior and young teams of professionals. The clarity of roles and responsibilities for the employees keep them involved in the core job right from their first day of joining. Employees will get a fair opportunity to learn the domain knowledge and skill in a congenial atmosphere. One of the primary responsibilities of a senior is to train the new employee. The company believes in the creation of internal capability to manage the future.